We can assist you in bidding on items for your philatelic collection.

Why would anyone use an agent?

If you:

  • Purchase philatelic items from public auctions.
  • Want to increase your chances of getting the lots you bid on.
  • Bid to buy, rather than sending in low bids.
  • Usually buy 20% - 50% of the lots you want.
  • Wonder why most postal bids on your lots you buy take your full bid.
  • Do not like paying more than you must for lots.
  • Want to be more informed with personal contact.
  • Have lost lots you really wanted to buy.
  • Wasted a day viewing with time spent waiting to bid, only to be outbid.
  • Have you thought "There must be a better way!"

If more than three of the above apply to you, you should be using an agent.

Wish you had someone independent to trust, acting for you.


You can register your requests for our stamp finding service by either, downloading our PDF and returning via fax or email, or by entering your details into our online form:

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